Our composite capabilities include autoclave bonding, compression molding and oven curing. We have a climate controlled clean room for lay-up and fabrication of bonded structures.  We uphold superior quality to meet our customers needs and specifications.  FOD prevention through all processes is key to the manufacture of these products.  The majority of our bonding is secondary processes after metal forming and honeycomb machining.  We also produce compression molded parts that can range in size from 2" to 40". 


Autoclave Bonding

  • Metal-Metal Honeycomb Bonded Structures
  • Fiber Reinforced Plastic Honeycomb Structures
  • Metal-Metal Bonded Structures
  • Carbon Fiber Laminate Structures
  • Kevlar Laminate Structures
  • Fiberglass Laminate Structures


  • 8'x15' ASC Autoclave 450° F  150psi
  • 5'x40' Cure Tech Autoclave 400° F 90psi
  • 2'x3' WSF Autoclave 750° F 150psi

Compression Molding

  • Fiberglass, Kevlar, and Carbon Fiber impregnated with various resin systems.
  • Up to 400° F curing capabilities
  • (2) 50 Ton Greenerd Compression Molding Presses
  • 150 Ton Rudel Compression Molding Press